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How can I ensure proper setup for Step Into Biology (SIB) on iOS devices?

Follow these steps:

Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on all devices.
Ensure all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
Ensure “Private Wi-Fi Address” is enabled on. (Settings>Wi-Fi>”i” button>Private Wi-Fi Address)
Verify that the volume on your device is turned up.

How can I clean up space on my device?
The Step Into Biology application takes up a certain amount of storage on your device. To save space, you only download the field trips that you desire on-demand. To remove a field trip cached on your device:

  1. Select "MANAGE FIELD TRIPS" button on the LOAD A FIELD TRIP page.  
  2. When the "-" (minus sign) appears on Mitosis, select the "-" sign which will remove the Mitosis Field Trip data cached on your device (and will then show a dashed outline)
  3. Select "MANAGE FIELD TRIPS" again which closes that mode
  4. Select Mitosis and it will re-download that Field Trip.
  5. Launch Mitosis field trip.

This can also be useful if we update a field trip. You do not have to redownload the entire application, just remove the existing field trip, and download it again to get the updated version.  

Step Into Biology relies on the following items being allowed on the network.

Open ports on firewall for:

HTTPS: 8084
TCP: 6000-6005
UDP: 7000-7005

Whitelist Niantic services

What should I do to achieve optimal scanning results?

For optimal scanning results:

Place “scanning image” vertically or horizontally.
Get close enough to “scanning image” so that it fills at least 25% of your screen.
All players should scan the same exact “scanning image”.
Place the experience in an open space.

What is the optimal lighting to use for SIB set-up?

Ensure the room is well-lit but avoid direct sunlight. Close window shades to prevent scanning issues. Avoid light hitting reflective surfaces like mirrors or water.

How much room is required to use SIB?

SIB works optimally in an area large enough for users to move around the object. However, an enriching experience will also occur in smaller spaces such as a desktop. Ideally, for maximum effectiveness, provide ample space for walking around during scanning.

How should I position the SIB cell for an optimal experience?

Ideally, the cell should be scaled so it fits floor to ceiling in your space. If that’s not possible, make it as large as you can within the available space.

How do I use the pinch/zoom feature?

Ideally, the cell should be scaled so it fits floor to ceiling in your space. Use the pinch/zoom to scale the cell up and down and drag a single finger horizontally to rotate it. Move the iOS device around to place the target where you want to set the experience in the environment.

How do I keep the cell from moving?

Once the experience is placed in the desired location, select “OK” in the lower right to lock it in.

How can I ensure a smooth in-game experience?

Follow these tips for a smooth in-game experience:

In each mode, refer to the inventory or chapters by touching the icon in the upper right to interact with all the items.

If the cell loses its locked position in the room, use the reset feature in the menu and place it again. If in multi-player mode, resetting the position will update for all players.

To select hotspots in Practice and Quiz modes, make sure your device is physically close enough to activate the hotspot and that it is centered on your screen. Once selected, touch the middle of the hotspot. If the item is not highlighted, try moving closer and repositioning it in the center.

Is the content synced with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) in the U.S?

Yes, our content is synced with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Our content has been carefully designed and developed to align with the NGSS, ensuring that it covers the necessary scientific concepts and skills outlined in the standards.

When will other topics be covered such as physics and chemistry?

We are actively working on expanding our content to cover a wide range of subjects, including physics and chemistry. While we do not have specific release dates now, we are committed to providing comprehensive information on these topics in the future. We appreciate your patience as we continue to develop our offerings.

How can I incorporate these experiences into my lessons?

Download our free lesson plans, designed to pair with our Step Into Biology field trips!

Can I use my Android device?
Currently Step Into Biology is only available on iOS devices.

Can I use SIB on Chromebooks in the classroom?
At this time, SIB does not support Chromebooks.

When will you support Chromebooks?
We do not have a release date for Chromebooks.

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